3 Ways to Increase Business Productivity

Portfolio and Business Unit Strategy

Increasing business productivity implies more customer satisfaction

· Using Technology/Automating the Business

· Asking for feedback and conducting surveys

· Time management and Planning

1. Using Technology/Automating the Business

As the world changes, people are changing and technology advances. Gone are the days when business had to be done the old-fashioned way. Technology has proposed several tools to make your business processes more efficient. There are now tools that make for easier collaboration between colleagues and between clients and customers. How often do you use these tools that technology offers to make our lives easier?

As your competitors run, what are you doing to stay at the forefront?

2. Asking for Feedback and Conducting Surveys

For your business to thrive, the most important step is to understand your customer’s needs. What is your customer’s pain and what can you do to relieve that pain?

Understanding first what your customer’s needs are saves you lot of time, it helps you focus your business goal and enables swift decision making; thus, increasing productivity.

There’s no better way to gain an understanding of your customer’s needs than to ask them. Create a list of questions relevant to the service you hope to render and conduct a survey. After each service, ask for feedback. Feedback would enable you make changes and thus improve your products and services in ways that are desirable to your customers.

3. Time management and Planning

Improving your time management comes down to setting goals for what you want to achieve within a given time period and prioritizing tasks that need attention most. Working on improving your time management can be beneficial both personally and professionally; it can reduce stress, minimize mistakes and increase productivity. Think about the time-thieves in your day, and consider the processes you can put in place to eliminate them. Create a to-do list. Prioritize your task in terms of importance and urgency. Delegate some tasks, if necessary.


We hope this was helpful.

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