If you’re feeling a little dumb down and your regular podcasts logs and Insta feeds are not inspiring you then it’s best you stay right where you are because these are 5 entrepreneurs to draw content inspiration from

Tim Ferriss

If you need inspiration on every front imaginable, Tim Ferriss is the answer. He’s an American entrepreneur, investor, author, and lifestyle guru. You might recognize his name because it’s become synonymous with a 4-Hour workweek. He has been an angel investor, a mentor for startups, and host to the podcast called The Tim Ferriss Show which covers a wide range of topics and guests including Hugh Jackman, Amanda Palmer, Edward Norton, and Vince Vaughn.


Seth Godin

American author Seth Godin has a Blog simply called Seth’s blog, it’s nothing fancy. There are no gimmicky distractions, there are no shock horror revelations. What you’ll find is honesty observations, flaws, and Improvement. For example, one of his recent blogs is about the word Story. How it helps to acknowledge a person when something bad has happened.

He writes about the perfect avocado. Reasons why you should write a book and so forth. His podcasts are not long but they’re highly beneficial and we give it thumbs up.


Gary Vaynerchuck

You’ll find Vaynerchuk on every social media platform and for good reasons. He’s a talented entrepreneur, author, speaker, and internet personality, who’s the chairman of new york-based communications company van racks. He’s being featured on Forbes, in the New York Times Nashville, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune 40 under 40, and entrepreneur.

So what can you expect? A bit of everything. But here are some examples, how to start a podcast, how to use hashtags correctly, and three tips for hiring top talent in 2021. Absorb his words, don’t conform to something that doesn’t make you happy.


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Lewis Howes

What makes great people great? How do they set themselves apart and what makes them tick? Lewis Howes went from being depressed and sleeping on his sister’s sofa to earning $1,000,000 in two years. And if he can do it, so can you, and here is how to help you get there. His podcast series is called School of greatness. And this is his platform to highlight leaders in the industry and educate you on how to join those leagues of brightness.


Pat Flynn

In his show, smart passive income, he brings up a lot of guests who all back up his methodology and encourages you to work on earning a passive income. For him, it’s all sustainable success. He chats with the leaders in various fields and shares tips, strategies, and solid advice to getting a passive income working for you.

Some of his topics include how to face your fears and become a courageous entrepreneur. You want to be and four problem-solving reasons to develop core values for your business.


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