5 killer answers on goal setting

Goal setting is a powerful process of defining what you want to accomplish and devising a step by step guide or plan on how you want to achieve that desired result.
As an entrepreneur, it’s very important to have clear, well-defined goals in your business as it helps you to define your end game, gives direction to both your life and your business, empowers you, changes your reality, and increases self-esteem.

The 5 killer answers on goal setting are as follows:

1. David King

My perspective of goal setting is a bit different. You don’t sit down and set the goal that you want to achieve far down the line. You sit down and set up rules for what you will do every single day. Those become your goals and you maintain a positive feedback loop on an ongoing basis.
What we do on a daily basis takes us in the direction our lives will follow. Big decisions can set us off on new paths, but ultimately the small actions we take every day end up being the majority of our lives.

Right now I’m setting small goals around what I want to fit into every day. What does a successful day look like, and what does that mean for me in the long run?

Some of the bigger goals I want are $1M in the bank by the time I’m 35. That’s 7 more years to get there as of this Friday. It isn’t a goal for any reason other than I believe putting a number on it helps guide your decisions when you work back from the long term number. So big goals should almost just be a guideline. In other words, big long term goals help you set the direction but the best goals are the daily goals that build towards those bigger aspirations.
I’m not particularly successful and my perspective could change any minute. But right now I look at success as being able to do what I want to do every day – I can accomplish that best by picking what I want my days to consist of. Having bigger picture ideas associated with what I want to achieve just helps give me.

2. Chi Dung Nguyen

I will share with you the way of goal setting that my mentor taught me and he was taught by his mentor. Both are 6-7 figure earner.
The most important thing and the absolute first step that you need to do is to define your vision of the world you want to live in. Be creative and don’t let any kind of limitations block you.
From there, try to imagine and visualize what you need to achieve in 10 years to make your vision come true and who you need to become to achieve that.
Repeat this for 5 years. What are the things that you need to achieve in 5 years and who do you need to become? Break it down 1 year, half-year, month, and week.
Follow this and you will have a game plan. Don’t forget to reflect on your goals and always ask yourself who you need to become. Most importantly, take action. Goals are nothing without action.
Start to create the life you want and have an incredible day!

3. Phil Callaghan

I set professional goals differently from most people.
When considering a professional goal (be it a promotion, a raise, more responsibility, a new role) the most common questions people ask themselves are:
Will this result in more money?
Will this give me greater status?
Is this the next step on the ladder to [conquering the world]?
Now, there’s nothing wrong with any of those. It depends on your sense of priorities.
However, I ask this question first:
Will this make me happy?
That’s really important because goals – in general – have a downside.
If, like many people, you just look at the goal… it may seem perfectly fine.
But if you look at everything that you’ll need to do between where you are now and the goal… it might not seem like such a great idea.
I think this is more important than how much money/status/advancement it will bring, so it’s wise to consider it first.
My killer tip is to consider the Journey as well as the Destination when setting your goals.

4. Chris Christoff

Setting deadlines, working through procrastination, putting in the effort, working around or through the obstacles, ritualizing your actions to form habits are all important and necessary.

However, if you want a single tip, a single point of focus, then understand deeply WHY you want your goal. Know what it will mean to you, what you will gain, and what you will lose or suffer if you don’t achieve your goal. When you know WHY and it is strong enough, you will do what it takes to achieve. You will create urgency, do the work, remove the obstacles, and celebrate your success.

5. Lindsey Leigh Hobson

The first thing to be aware of is an understanding of where you are going and why. What do you want to achieve? How does that look? What will you have when you get there? The more detail the better!
From there, you can assess where you are. What do you have that will help you get there? What resources do you need to get? Where the gaps that you need to fill to achieve your goals?
And from there, I always set milestones. Momentum is important and the best way to build it is by small wins often, that add up to something big. If you can see the progress, you keep up the enthusiasm long term which is often the biggest factor in success.

Goal setting is not all about deciding what you want to achieve. Unless you clearly define exactly what you want, understand why you want it in the first place, and putting in the effort to ensure you achieve that set goal, your odds of success are considerably reduced. After going through these 5 killer answers on goal setting from quora, you’ll be able to confidently set goals and enjoy the satisfaction that comes along with knowing you achieved what you set out to do.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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