5 steps to plan and crush your New Year resolutions

Today, we’re looking at 5 steps to plan and crush your New Year resolutions.

The year has just begun and you’re probably unsure about how to set your New Year resolutions and plan for them. You’ve probably tried before but always failed to hit most of them. This is all about to change after reading this article. 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Even more so most people neglect to act according to their new plans by January 12th.

We see people charging hundreds of thousands for programs that will tell you basically the same thing we’re about to tell you. We could have easily made a course about this and sold it to you, but we decided not to.

So with that said, here are 5 steps to plan and crush your New Year resolutions.


1. Realize Your Life Needs to Change.

Don’t take this lightly, because this is actually the reason why most people never do anything to better themselves. Their life is comfortable as it is right now. It might not be the best life, but they’ve lived it for a while and they’re against change.

In order to be able to plan your year, you can’t hide behind the bush. You need to confront the reality of who you are when nobody is looking.

Do this exercise, go sit in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eye, this is who you are. If you’re fat, admit you’re fat, you eat too much junk. If you’re ignorant, admit you’re ignorant. You never read or educate yourself. If you’re sad, admit that as well. The moment you understand that you can’t keep going like this, that’s the moment you can actually begin to change. Without this state of mind, you’re going to fail in under 30 days, no matter how smart your goals are.


2. Confront Your Beliefs

While you’re trying to build that true image of yourself, your mind probably played a couple of tricks on you. The mind was designed to keep you safe from harm or unnecessary effort. So while you were admitting you’re not who you want to be, it probably came up with justifications and excuses for why things are the way they are.

You never had time to take care of yourself. Nobody has time these days. You’re fat because it runs in the family. But if you’re honest, you know, nobody actually runs in your family and you probably don’t pay attention to what you eat the way you could. The mind will tell you that you’re not rich because there aren’t a lot of opportunities where you’re from or that life isn’t the way you would like it to be because of some external reason that’s out of your control.

How can that be the case? You’ve got everything you need to change you’re just too lazy to act on it. You have access to the most powerful tool developed by humanity, the Internet. There isn’t one thing you cannot learn online these days. Everything is out there. You’re just being lazy about it.

Confront your beliefs and find out which of them are excuses brought in by your previous self. In order to justify being lazy, it’s time to call yourself out.


3. Analyze Your Past Performance

Let’s take a look at your last year. How did it go? Were you able to materialize all your plans and goals? How did you live? You don’t realize this yet, but you’re about to relive that year unless you learn from it. Don’t live the same year for 75 years and call it a life. If you want to improve, you need to start being smart about it if you really want to change.

Begin with this. Start analyzing your past year. Analyze yourself, analyze your goals, your desires, your habits, your relationships, your health, and more, analyze everything.

For example, why are you fat? What happened? You ate too many calories and exercised too little. Why it happened. You found it more convenient to buy fast food and eat junk since you don’t have healthy foods in the house. How can we improve? Remove sweets from the house, run two times a week, get a gym membership, and learn to cook from home, promise not to buy junk on a daily and so on.


If you’re struggling to come up with New Year Resolution that will benefit your business, then check out this POST by Erica Marois.


4. Distill the Lessons from the Past Year and Apply What You’ve Learned

With your past year broken down with a pretty clear image of what went on. You can finally draw conclusions. It’s likely that you failed some goals and hit others. You’ve been down and you’ve been up throughout the year. Let’s take the value out of everything.

Grab a piece of paper and fold it into two, and then two again so you have four sides. On the top left, write the things that went well and on the bottom left, those that made your life unpleasant. On the right side, write the lessons you learned from every single one of those. This is how you grow as a human being.

Last year, you didn’t have this type of tool in your arsenal, so you better start using it. If you do this exercise, your chances of repeating the same mistakes drop significantly. And you finally have a visual representation of what went wrong, what went right, and what to do about them.


5. Set 5 Goals outside Your Comfort Goals and Write Them Down

After so many sets of analysis and evaluation, we’ll finally go on to set goals.

5 is always our magic number. If you go less, you’re leaving too much to the table. And if you go a lot more, you spread yourself too thin and won’t take any of them seriously.

Always write your goals down, we can’t stress that enough. Here’s why, “People who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them” – Dr Gail Matthews a clinical psychologist from Dominican University of California.

Even more so, place those goals somewhere you can make visual contact with throughout the year. You need to remind yourself where you want to go with your life constantly and take action for it.

Once you’ve set your goals for the year, tell someone about them! There’s power in writing down your goals, and there’s even more power in verbalizing them.


Hopefully, with the help of these 5 tips, you’ll be well on your way to making 2021 more successful, fulfilling, and productive than 2020.


If you’ve been setting goals for your business and not achieving them, the problem might not be the goals but the strategies implemented.

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