7 Powerful Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn

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The path of entrepreneurship is not for the weak. It is a long and arduous process filled with moments of success, failure, and feelings of self-doubt and personal satisfaction. Those who find success in entrepreneurship embrace these trials and tribulations and use them as fuel to move further along the path and to even greater success. It is from these people that we can learn some of the most powerful lessons for finding success as an entrepreneur.


As you continue your entrepreneurial journey, here are 7 powerful lessons every entrepreneur must learn to build a long-term, healthy, and sustainable business.



1. Embrace Failure and Learn From It

One thing to remember about entrepreneurship is that failure is not the end of everything but the chance at a new beginning. You cannot set down this path and expect not to fail once or twice. If you start knowing that you will encounter failure, you will be better off. Failure is just another lesson putting you back on the path to success.


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2. The Customer Is King

The customer is the reason you are in business, not your competitors. Most often, we often forget this and get engrossed with our competitors. No doubt, you want to beat them, but losing sight of your customers will be your doom.

When it feels like you are derailing, remind yourself of the reason your business exists. 

As an entrepreneur, your focus should be to solve problems or profound solutions to problems. If you are not improving your products and services, then you are making a terrible mistake.

Please think of the customers always, and strive to make their experience better than the previous. When you are consistent in delivering value and quality, your customers will become unpaid and passionate marketers.



3. Time Is Money

Money, customers, and ideas are all resources you can potentially gain more of. Time, however, is the one commodity you will always have a finite amount of. One way to ensure you make the most of your time is to assign an hourly amount to your tasks.

Ask yourself: What would be a fair wage for the task I perform? If someone else can competently accomplish these tasks for less money, let them do it so you can focus on a higher level, revenue-generating task. As a business owner, you should only do the task that only you can do.



4. There Are No Cheap Shortcuts In Marketing

I often speak to business owners who want marketing advice but who then shun my recommendations as being too expensive. The truth is cheap marketing can make your brand look cheap.

Low-quality content, cheap ads and budget SEO may save you money in the short term, but the damage they do to your brand reputation can last far longer.



5. Build Your Brand As Well As Your Company Brand

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing on building their company brand to the exclusion of building their brand. However, your brand will differentiate you from your competitors, give you authority and credibility in your field, and stick with you in the event your company ultimately experiences failure.



6. Surround Yourself With The Right People

Having the right team in place is integral for business success. You want to build a strong team that supports all areas of your business and doesn’t leave any gaps uncovered. Seek out people who are experts in their field and hire them, learn from them, or partner with them. Not everyone on the team needs to be an employee – your team can be made up of freelancers, advisors, mentors, as well as full or part-time employees.



7. Just Do It 

Planning, strategizing and weighing options all have important roles within a business. But there comes a point in time when you have to do it.

Like Nike says: Just do it. There is never the perfect time to follow your dream and start your own business. Life will throw obstacles at you, and fear will continue to make you think now is not the right time. Put that all aside and take the plunge!!


There you have it: 7 powerful lessons every entrepreneur must learn to build a profitable and sustainable business. Not easy lessons, to be sure, but ones that ensure the best possible chance of long-term success.

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