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Let’s talk about 7 reasons why you should start today and never give up. There are so many times we accept as a good day to start something new. But how many times do we actually follow through on our commitment to start? The trouble with choosing a date as your reason to start is that dates are completely arbitrary. They’re meaningless man-made systems to help us maintain order. Nothing more nothing less.

The truth is that date can never inspire you to start. A date doesn’t magically have all the answers or pave the way to a result and smooth sailing. So the only date or day or pending deadline you have is right now.


Tomorrow Never Comes

If you plan to start tomorrow then we can guarantee you won’t ever start because before you know it tomorrow is today and there are a hundred everyday things vying for your attention all over again.

Tomorrow is usually code word for never like those signpost that states free beer tomorrow. You won’t find a free day suddenly or have a completely clear schedule nor will all of your to-dos suddenly get done. So forge ahead with all of your plans or dreams. No matter what else is going on. Even if it’s a baby step. It’s still a step forward. So get going today.


Feeling Unprepared is Part of the Territory

Like rookie star put it, no matter what you do everyone starts off as a rookie. If you don’t feel unprepared and nervous or a little out of your league then you should probably reach a little further. It’s completely expected for someone starting something new to feel overwhelmed during the experience. That comes with the territory of making a move. Those feelings are your natural guides. They help keep you in check, keep you focused, and your mind sharp don’t wait until something feels natural or normal before you start doing it because you won’t have the adrenaline and excitement you need to give you the guts to keep going. What you do know is enough to get started so get to it and stop delaying.


What Does a Good Time to Start Really Look like If Not Now?

Try to describe what a good starting time looks like. Cast your mind back to the most slavering time that you’ve experienced before, you can’t because there’s no such thing. Maybe you’re planning to sort out your clothing cupboard. Maybe it’s Tuesday evening and you’re watching YouTube so you decide you’ll do it on Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoon will be the perfect time to get stuck into that. But when Sunday rolls around you’ll feel lazy. You have worked this thing up to a really big task and now your cat needs to go to the vet. So that cupboard remains unsorted. Instead of delaying try starting right now. Even if you just do one shelf having one tidy shelf will inspire you to do more and give you a positive boost to feel good about yourself. You know the opposite of the feeling you get from delaying something.


Starting is Hard, But Get over It

Give yourself a minute to acknowledge that starting something is the hardest part and then get over it. Most people just talk about starting something. But right now today you’re about to do it and actually start something you can’t get along at anything without that first moment of starting so you may as well stop avoiding it and get to it. It’s like a Band-Aid rip it off fast get it over and done with so you can enjoy that amazing feeling of pride in yourself.


Mistakes Aren’t the End of the World

This won’t be your first start and probably won’t be your last. You might start a million things before you start something that is really successful. We’re talking about savings plans, gym routines, relationships, or businesses. That’s because most of us mess up a few times before we succeed. Mistakes are part of the territory so don’t overthink starting up because it’s just one of many steps that need to be taken. If you fail and find yourself back at square one, you aren’t really all the way back at the start you are at a new start. But you’re a different person with a ton more experience. So consider your mistakes and failures as a move forward and it’s certainly not the end of the world but rather a beginning of a new start.


No One Made It Big without Taking a Risk and Being A Bit Scared

Is the fear of taking the plunge holding you back? Often we don’t only have the risk of money or career but also our pride when we start something new. But there is little worth pursuing that doesn’t take a bit of risk. You’ll struggle to find many people lining up to take a risk just for entertainment but when you weigh out the alternatives of missing out on an opportunity by remaining stagnant, then the choice to not act actually becomes the risky one. By starting today you are being brave you are moving ahead without everything lined up before all the stars are aligned even before you feel ready for it. But the risk will have bigger payoffs than what you gained from playing it safe.


Regret is worse than Failure

Chad Michael Murray once said our biggest regrets are not for the things we’ve done, but for the things we haven’t done. Nothing feels worse than watching someone succeed with an idea you also had or date a person you wanted to ask but didn’t. In those moments you know for sure would have been better to have tried and failed than to feel the regrets you have from failing to act. So ask yourself, would you rather fail or see someone else succeed when you didn’t even start at all.


You might look back and think you should have started years ago. Well too bad my friend that ship has sailed and you could think that you’d be better off starting when you have a different bank balance or your relationship is in a different place. But the truth is you can never know for sure if you will ever get those goals. Life is unpredictable.


The only perfect place you can exist in is right now. So now is the only time you actually can start because you have no idea if you even have a tomorrow or an hour from now. So quit wasting any more time thinking about it and start in the perfect time of right now.


What are you wanting to start? And what is your biggest excuse for not having started it yet?


We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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