It’s no news that we now live in a different world thanks to COVID-19. The norms and standard practices of the past are either being changed or abandoned. Regardless of your sector or industry, there are things you need to do differently for your business to remain stable and thriving. Much of these will involve the use of technology, and new ways to interact and network with people and businesses.

We put together some tips to guide your efforts:


Digitize Your Business Operation

With the pandemic in town, so many businesses are going digital, don’t be left out. Going digital will help you serve your customers better as they are at home, organize live shows on social media platforms. If your business is not the type that requires live video, then do a prerecorded video showing some tips related to certain things concerning your business.


Engage Your Customers

Engage your customers through calls, emails and social media. Most people will be spending a lot of time on social media this period, so seize the opportunity to reach out to them.

Create a social media marketing strategy for reaching your customers on every platform. Keep in mind that engaging with your customers through social media is not about advertising. You can stay connected by publishing regular updates, sharing recent innovations, and promoting good news and client wins. Your goal is to create valuable contributions and establish a lasting relationship with your customers.


Identify New Leads and Customers

Even if it seems impossible to make sales this period, try to put effort in generating new leads so that you have a pool of potential customers to rely on once the pandemic is over. Many businesses are going to be focusing on the here and now, struggling to maintain normal running operation, this could be your chance to build a new network of prospective customers.

In addition, your leads should have increased confidence in you as a business.


Map out the Challenges Your Business is Facing

Make a list of all the challenges your business has been facing, and a list of challenges your business might face, strategize for different scenarios and take every possibility into account. Consider everything from productions, to difficulties in communication, generating customers and competition with other businesses in your market. Regardless of when you think everything is going to be over and how it might affect you, plan for every conceivable scenario, including the worst you can imagine.